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Tablet workshop design plan (including plan layout, area division, equipment installation, ventilation design, etc.)

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Workshop layout design

(1) The workshop should meet the requirements of a modern workshop, regardless of whether construction, maintenance or accident can be dealt with in time.
(2)The cleaning tool room should be specially set up for cleaning the tool room so that it can be used for each section when replacing varieties of cleaning and not causing cross-contamination and mixing.
(3)The visiting corridor and the inner corridor are separated, and the staff of different sections (generally divided by cleanliness level) and the visitors and managers have their own channels to prevent bringing in pollution.
(4) raw materials, auxiliary materials weighing room should be dust-proof closed room, raw materials, auxiliary materials must be weighed in their respective weighing room.
(5) mixing room and granulation room should be able to prevent the pollution of outdoor air, but also to prevent the pollution of the room to other rooms.
(6) drying room can be set up separately, but also with the mixing, and granulation in the same room. But the fan of the dry operation equipment should be separated from the room to reduce noise and prevent pollution.
(7) Tablet press room should be set up separately, to prevent dust pollution and facilitate cleaning.
(8) Coating room in addition to the requirements of anti-pollution, is easy to clean, but also must maintain a certain temperature and humidity.
(9) The sub-assembly room must be isolated from other operating rooms to prevent pollution.
(10) packaging room should be well-lit, and easy to clean, and each packaging line should be separated or zoning, to prevent drug mixing and errors.

The production workshop area division

General production plants according to the production process and quality requirements can be divided into the general production area, control area, and clean area.
(1) general production area refers to no cleanliness requirements of the production plant, auxiliary rooms, etc.
(2) control area refers to the cleanliness and colony number of certain requirements of the production plant and auxiliary rooms. Raw material crushing, sieving, batching, granulation, tablet pressing, intermediate station, coating, packaging, and other processes for the “control area”, and other processes for the “general production area”.
(3) Clean area refers to the production workshop with high cleanliness or colony number requirements.

the installation of tablet equipment

(1)Weighing of raw materials and auxiliary materials. In the production of tablets, the first step is to weigh the required weight according to the production prescription of tablets. Weighing can be directly weighed by the workshop intermediate station when receiving materials, after the materials are weighed, the batch list is correctly signed by the weighing officer, signed by the checker at the same time, and then correctly packaged. General weighing is done in the weighing room. For drugs with high efficacy and small dosage or some toxic drugs, they should be weighed in isolated rooms to avoid cross-contamination. Different varieties of tablets can be weighed in different compartments, and the weighing room must be equipped with a convenient sink and drain to facilitate the cleaning of the weighing equipment, and must also be set up with utensil cabinets.

(2) Tablet granulation. In the process of tablet granulation, in order to avoid cross-contamination or material mixing, each step of the operation can be carried out in a separate room or a small room. Granulation room equipment installation should generally be a certain distance from the wall, generally, to not affect the operation and maintenance, equipment and equipment distance should be the same, but the oven or baking room is generally placed against the wall; workshop, the chemical weighing room should be set up to collect light device; for easy cleaning equipment, cleaning appliances or equipment should be set up, the room must have drains.

(3) pressed tablets. To prevent cross-contamination, the tablet press can be installed in a separate room, which has become an essential design feature at present. If a large number of tablets of the same number are produced, two or more tablet presses can be placed in a compartment for the production of the same batch of tablets, which can be flexible according to the situation. The room should be operating test equipment (such as scales, tablet hardness meter, disintegration instrument, etc.) location, a tablet press generally in the center, in order to facilitate the operation and maintenance.
(4) Coating. Coating operation sound noisy and dusty, mostly manual operation, coating post dust generation, the installation of equipment should take local dust control, and dust capture facilities to reduce the amount of dust to a minimum.

The ground wall surface

(1)Terrazzo ground has good overall performance and smoothness and is generally used on the ground in canteens, warehouses, toilets, etc.
(2)Plastic ground is elastic, elegant, and easy to scrub, generally used in locker rooms, laboratories, meeting rooms, and other grounds.
(3) Paint the wall shed surface preferably with epoxy paint, wall shed surface is smooth, easy to clean, has no particulate matter, has solid paint film, is of high strength, is beautiful, and is suitable for production areas.
(4) tile wall surface to white tile is good, can be cleaned in time pollution, smooth wall surface, corrosion resistance, generally used in cleaning rooms, toilets sinks next to the wall.
(5) plastered white paste wall suitable for no cleanliness requirements of the region, generally used in conference rooms, and so on.

Walls and partitions

(1) brick walls are self-important, cover an area of large, generally used as a load-bearing wall, or as sound insulation, anti-noise wall.
(2) light body brick walls are lighter in weight, with a frame structure of the room that can be used, for intermediate partition use.
(3) aluminum partition is beautiful, generous, bright, easy to clean, generally more than 70cm from the ground, set with large glass, the lower part of the thin steel plate or MDF, the frame is alloy aluminum, there are also full partitions.
(4) light partition is generally a thin-walled steel skeleton, with screws fixed to gypsum board or asbestos board, the exterior, and then spray paint treatment, there is also MDF, without paint treatment.

The Canopy

(1) reinforced concrete flat roof canopy is easy to get on, easy to maintain and repair, and can prevent water flow to the following work room when the waterway is damaged, especially when the following is a relatively high degree of cleanliness of the room should use such a roof.
(2) light steel keel asbestos board or gypsum roof closed, not easy to get on for pipe maintenance, waterway damage is easy to contaminate the room below, generally used in warehouses, conference rooms, and other roofs.

The windows

(1) casement windows are airtight, easy to clear ho, but open to taking up a certain amount of space.
(2) rip window type windows are less airtight, easy to accumulate dirt in the upper slide, not easy to clean, but open does not take up space.

Lamps and lanterns

(1) embedded lamps and lanterns are not easy to accumulate dust, easy to clean, and generally, all production areas can be used.
(2) Ceiling lamps are easy to accumulate dust, cleaning is not convenient, and conference rooms and other places can be used.
(3) UV lamps have two types of fixed and flat push types.

Ventilation profile and fan mezzanine design

Take the workshop with no window plant as an example, the indoor is fully air-conditioned and uses artificial light, a design ventilation system, and the weighing room, granulation room, and press room are designed to negative pressure to prevent dust from escaping, in order to ensure that the indoor negative pressure, the door and air supply valve linkage when the door opens the air supply valve is closed. Only the local extractor fan is left to work to maintain the negative pressure in the room. The air conditioning room is arranged on the mezzanine floor, and the local inspection channel and the location of the air conditioning box are designed as reinforced concrete floor and cement mortar surface layer, while the rest of the room adopts a light ceiling as the lower production room, and the net height of the air conditioning mezzanine is 4m, and the elevation of the mezzanine floor is also 4m. In general, the cleaning work inside the ventilation ducts is solved by a vacuum cleaner, and the top plate is lifted off at the ventilation duct entry hole for cleaning.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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